Happy Tet with sour shrimp and vegetables from Ha Thi Foods

A full New Year with a round Tet tray full of specialties from three regions with Ha Thi Foods. Besides the delicious and delicious Phu Quoc Specialty Fish Sauce and Sauce, Ha Thi Foods would like to present to your family the line of NATURAL Sour Shrimp and NATURAL Vegetables with “Traditional Taste – Modern Standard”.

NATURAL Sour Shrimp – Firm with meat, rich in fish sauce

Sour shrimp is a special blend of sweet and nutritious Ca Mau land shrimp, in the rich and pungent taste of garlic, ginger and other spices. This is a very tasty dish when eaten with daily meals of rice, vermicelli, boiled meat,… With the NATURAL product line of Ha Thi Foods, you will enjoy this long-standing specialty of the cuisine. Vietnamese cuisine to the fullest.

Traditional taste:  The product line fully preserves the taste of Sour Shrimp over the past hundred years. Each jar of NATURAL Sour Shrimp is a blend of Sour, Spicy, Salty, Sweet from high quality ingredients, carefully selected: Phu Quoc fish sauce 35 degrees quintessential, Shrimp with sweet flesh, firm shell. All bring the most delicious NATURAL Sour Shrimp flavor to each family’s tray of rice.

Modern Standard:  Besides the traditional sour shrimp from Ca Mau or the bold Hue Sour Shrimp, Ha Thi Foods also offers Sour Shrimp products that combine a variety of vegetables, satisfying the tastes of people who enjoy them. Along with that is the convenience and aesthetics that come from luxurious glass jars, suitable for your family’s rations.

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