Natural traditional Phu Quoc fish sauce – quintessence of Vietnamese cuisine

Phu Quoc has been famous for hundreds of years for its line of premium fish sauce, its distinctive flavor, and its own richness. Continuing to preserve and develop the “national soul and national essence” of Vietnamese spices, Ha Thi Foods is proud to introduce the traditional Phu Quoc Fish Sauce product line. Let’s experience the journey to this famous fish sauce with Ha Thi Foods!

NATURAL Specialty Fish Sauce 43N – High protein, richer sauce

At Ha Thi Foods, Ca Com is always guaranteed to be the freshest. When the first batches of Phu Quoc pure Anchovies arrive, they are immediately harvested, carefully screened and taken to brew with pure sea salt from the Pearl Island. NATURAL Specialty Fish Sauce 43N is the essence of the first drops of fish sauce from the chuop box, achieving the highest natural protein content. The product has a special 43-degree fish sauce flavor, which is great, elevates the food, explodes the taste.

NATURAL Fish Sauce 43N Ha Tho – The essence of Phu Quoc’s original fish sauce

What is Mam Lu Sauce? It’s still the same 43-degree fish sauce drawn from the first turn, but it continues to be extracted into crockery jars, covered and left in the ground for 2 to 5 years so that the flavor of the fish sauce is further sublimated. . The word “lu” comes from an oral tradition that: In order not to forget where the land is located, people often stick a stick in the ground as a sign. After a long time, people called the camp “lu” instead of “paup”. There is also another explanation, after many years of burial, when people want to find the location, people suddenly “be confused”. So the name Mam Lu Fish Sauce was born and famous for many years.

NATURAL Fish Sauce 43N Ha Tho Ha Thi Foods is the crystallization of the above-mentioned drops of high-protein fish sauce, grounded within two years. During that process, the quintessential proteins in fish sauce have been transformed into organic compounds rich in medicinal properties, good for health, reducing harsh saltiness, adding more intense scent and increasing sweetness in the aftertaste.

NATURAL Fish Sauce Essence 40N – Rich in traditional flavor

The protein level is only after the 43-degree Mam Sauce, the 40-degree Mam Sauce from Ha Thi Foods has a milder salty taste, maintaining the characteristics of Ngoc Island’s specialty fish sauce, perfect for making dipping sauces, seasonings for dishes. Special product with two capacity – 180ml and 400ml convenient for many uses of customers, beautiful luxury glass bottle strictly applies 3 NO criteria: NO MSG – NO Synthetic Color – NO Artificial Preservatives.

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