Tet rice tray is more delicious with Phu Quoc specialties from Ha Thi Foods

This Tet, your family meal will be more complete with the new product line “Traditional taste, Modern standard” from Ha Thi Foods. With the goal of bringing the whole island breath into your kitchen, Ha Thi Foods would like to introduce the quintessence of Ngoc island specialties: NATURAL Phu Quoc Fish Sauce (Traditional & Ready-to-drink) and NATURAL Phu Quoc Specialty Fish Sauce.

NATURAL Traditional Phu Quoc Fish Sauce – The essence of Vietnamese cuisine

Continuing to preserve and develop the “national soul and national essence” of Vietnamese spices, Ha Thi Foods is proud to introduce the traditional Phu Quoc Fish Sauce product line – crystallized from the nature of the Pearl Island, perfect for the whole family. seasoning and seasoning for these Tet dishes.

Traditional taste:  NATURAL Phu Quoc Fish Sauce Ha Thi Foods with ingredients entirely from Anchovies and Sea Salt, brewed by traditional methods and bottled right in Phu Quoc to create a completely natural high-protein fish sauce line. (43 degrees and 40 degrees).

The product line features rich drops of fish sauce, naturally high protein, strong aroma, transparent cockroach color, salty at the tip of the tongue, sweet and smooth aftertaste.

Especially NATURAL Mam Lu 43 degrees Ha Tho is the crystallization of the first drops of 43 degrees fish sauce, has the highest natural protein, especially brought to the ground (buried in the ground) for 2 years to help reduce the harsh salty taste. , the aftertaste is more sweet, attractive aroma and rich in medicinal values.

Modern standard:  With two capacities of 180ml and 400ml, just enough for “single association” or family, avoiding keeping for too long, helping fish sauce always be kept at the best quality.

NATURAL Ready-made Phu Quoc Fish Sauce – Variety of flavors, convenient every day

The harmonious combination of 35-degree Phu Quoc Fish Sauce and seasoning ingredients creates a delicious, rich, and diverse selection of NATURAL ready-made fish sauce, always ready to accompany the busy life of today’s housewives. .

Traditional taste:  Still using Phu Quoc fish sauce and familiar spices in Vietnamese cuisine: Ginger, Chili, Lemongrass, Garlic, Tamarind,… NATURAL Ready-made Phu Quoc Fish Sauce with a variety of flavors: NATURAL Water Sweet and Sour Sauce, NATURAL Ginger Fish Sauce, NATURAL Lemongrass Chili Fish Sauce, NATURAL Tamarind Fish Sauce, flexible combination with a rich tray of rice on the occasion of the traditional New Year.

Modern standard:  The product is especially convenient when it can be used immediately, an effective assistant for housewives who are busy with work or are not skillful in making dips. In addition, the glass bottle is aesthetically pleasing, luxurious, and environmentally friendly, preserving the full flavor of the product.

NATURAL Phu Quoc Specialty Sauce – Familiar, simple but never stop eating

NATURAL Phu Quoc Specialty Fish Sauce – The product line with the freshest Anchovy and Seaweed ingredients on Ngoc Island is simple, rustic, but especially lingering, imbued with the breath of the sea.

Traditional taste:  The product line fully preserves the taste of two famous fish sauces in traditional Vietnamese cuisine – Mam Ca Com and Mam Ruoc.

After the fishing boats docked, Ca An and Ruoc are immediately screened, removed their heads, cleaned of intestines, then mixed and fermented in the most harmonious ratio, bringing out the typical fish sauce, flavor and aroma. The natural, delicious and perfect taste makes the dish attractive and harmonious in terms of smell and taste. NATURAL Phu Quoc Anchovy Sauce and NATURAL Instant Fish Sauce will surely satisfy your family from the first time you enjoy it.

Modern standards:  Manufacturing under modern lines, strictly complying with NO MSG – NO Synthetic Colors – NO Artificial Preservatives, NATURAL Phu Quoc Specialty Fish Sauce ensures top food safety and quality. Protect consumers’ health, fully enjoy to the last drop. In addition, novel combinations such as NATURAL Papaya Anchovy Sauce and NATURAL Cacao Anchovy Sauce promise to make the family’s daily meal more attractive and wonderful.

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